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Introducing a new innovative 3 motor riser recliner with individual seat tilt adjustment.

The Cloud Zero lift and tilt design offers next-level comfort shaped around the needs of every individual. Highly versatile and capable of offering almost infinite seating positions, this advanced rise and recliner helps users achieve greater tilt for ultimate relaxation. Then, when ready to find their feet again, the chair’s smooth action will help to return users safely to standing with ease. This robust and versatile design also offers 20% more lifting capacity and, of course, a 5-year guarantee for added peace of mind.


The Canterbury recliner chair is available in 3 sizes, Grande, Standard and Petite, with Dual Motor and Cloud Zero Riser Recliner chair models having an optional adjustable headrest.

The Standard size Dual Motor and Cloud Zero Riser Recliner is available with an adjustable Headrest and Lumbar Support.

Matching fixed 2 and 3 seat settees are manufactured in 2 sections to enable ease of delivery. Canterbury fabric models come with Mammoth Medical Grade Foam Seating Technology and all models are available in any Celebrity fabric or leather.

Fixed sofas and chairs are available in Standard size only. All recliner chairs are available as manual action or powered with single or dual motors.

Available with or without knuckles.

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Click the picture above to watch our video where we demonstrate how to use a quad motor for our Canterbury Cloud Zero Recliner range.

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